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Diesel tank replacement

I have an SD-30 "Sea Turtle" 1984 with two 50 gal steel tanks (not SS) showing exterior rust - especially on top. I would like to replace these tanks before I have a leak or worse. Anyone done this? I assume you need to cut the tanks apart to remove them. But how do you drop in two (or more, ie. smaller) tanks without cutting the rear of the boat? Would appreciate any ideas or ?



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Originally posted by Joseph Dunstan on 10-Oct-15 05:41:24 AM UTC

aft sunscreen for Sundowner 30


I am in the process of designing/looking at other designs for an aft sunscreen. I would prefer that it not impact too much on the overall looks or handling of her. I would love to see pictures of any covers out there as well as how well you like it.

Thanks Steve

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Originally posted by Stephen Anderson on 18-Sep-15 02:46:06 PM UTC

Replace marine head with composting head


I have never liked marine heads.

I'm going to replace my marine head with a Natures Head. Has anyone done that? If so what problems did you encounter? I plan to plug off the hoses and just leave the tank in place at this time in case some later owner actually likes a marine head.

Thanks Steve

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Originally posted by Stephen Anderson on 16-May-15 04:12:52 PM UTC

First 32 spotted...ADAMANT...Seattle Wash.... I just spotted #155 .... The first of the 32s . I am the wharfinger at Vesuvius Bay on Saltspring Island BC and owner of Chieftain ( SD# 161 ) . Much to my surprise a sundowner has been tied up overnight at the dock . Great fun to look in the windows and see a near spitting image of the boat I love so much . No one around so I will try and contact the owners in the morning . I have printed the history ( courtesy of Doug Roberts this site ) for him and will drop it off for ... read more

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Originally posted by Derek Sowden on 26-Aug-15 09:29:48 AM UTC

Air Conditioning Raw Water Pump

Has anyone replaced their raw water pump on and SD30 Luminaire air conditioning unit? The original was a "March Manufacturing" non-self priming ceramic magnetic drive pump. When it looses prime its a pain to get started again. Any suggestions?

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Originally posted by J Charles on 08-Aug-15 05:52:17 AM UTC

Softness in Forward Deck

The survey found around 2sq ft of softness in the forward deck. Has anyone experienced this, and what is the fix. This boat is forsale.


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Originally posted by Bob Railton on 22-May-15 09:42:07 PM UTC

Depth sounder "in hull" installation


My present depth sounder a Datamarine LX 200 ( original ) wants / needs some rest. It is reading are all over the place, for sure not the water depth. As I'm not planning to haul for now, I'm thinking about an "in hull" instead of a through hull transducer installation.

Question now is where?

Anybody done so with good results and where in the hull?

I have a Sundowner Tug 30 serial number 115

Looking forward to your advice suggestion and or comments.

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Originally posted by Adrian Vuyk on 15-Feb-15 10:35:20 PM UTC

GHP 10 Autopilot installation

Hi everyone,

This year I am getting ready to install a Garmin GHP 10 autopilot onto my SD30. My current manual hydraulic steering is the standard Wagner Steering, fed by copper hydraulic lines. I have a few questions.

1.) The GHP 10 requires a hydraulic pump be purchased separately. Your options are either a 1.2 L pump that is recommended for a steering cylinder less than 10 cubic inches. 10 cubic inches seems rather large and I'm pretty sure the 1.2 L pump will work just fine, but I wanted to see what size pumps some of you all are using out on the water?

2.) I need to know if my current wagner steering is balanced or unbalanced. The Garmin website states...

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Originally posted by Matthew Layman on 01-Apr-15 04:53:27 AM UTC


Has anybody ever done this technique with a Sundowner Tug to paint the bottom without taking it out of the water? The boat is in Whittier, AK, where it's very expensive to have it hauled out to paint. Any suggestions or advice appreciated if you've used this - did you brace it, let it sit on one side at a time?

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Originally posted by Brian Manley on 18-Feb-15 10:33:34 AM UTC

Window Sealing

Does anybody have information on sealing/re-bedding the cabin windows? I have used several of the so called urethane sealers to stop water leaks but I want to eventually remove all the windows and re-seal them.

3M 590 is recommended for glass installation for marine, auto, etc. Has anyone used this?


Tim Sutter

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Originally posted by Tim Sutter on 09-Feb-15 08:38:01 AM UTC

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