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Fuel tank thickness?

Hi there,

Anybody happen to know exactly what material was used in the original fuel tanks, and how thick it is?



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Originally posted by Murray M on 13-Jul-14 09:38:59 PM UTC

pathfinder 70 owners manual and oil

I need an owners manual for a pathfinder 70. Anyone have one I can get a copy of? Also, I think this calls for 20-50 oil. So 15-40 wouldn't be quite right? Thanks, clive

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Originally posted by Clive Collins on 11-Jul-14 05:02:14 AM UTC

pathfinder 70 injector belt replacement

The engine manual was not much help here. The injector pump has markings to align and a notch on the sprocket, which I assume lines up with the mark. There is also a notch in the cam sprocket, but no apparent mark to line it up with on the engine. The prior owner seems to have done some engine painting, which may have covered it up. I need to know where top dead center is on the number one cylinder to make sure the timing is correct. I can't identify anything on the main crank pulley or front cam shaft sprocket that helps to indicate TDC. Any help? Thanks, Clive

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Originally posted by Clive Collins on 21-Jun-14 08:11:39 PM UTC

wood stove ?

any of you put a wood stove in your tug? I was thinking of shortening the pilothouse berth by a few feet and putting the stove there at the top of the stairs from the aft cabin. Any thoughts, suggestions?

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Originally posted by Allen Messick on 23-Jun-14 04:14:35 AM UTC

Salon table
Hi, All of you probably know this but in case someone doesn't you might want to. I just noticed the salon table is off set both front to back and side to side. So if you want to use it for a bed it has be aligned one way while if you want it for a table you can turn it 180 degrees the other way so it is more like a normal table which overlaps the seats. I am getting close to putting her in the water for the first time this summer. I'll report on the thrusters/propulsion devises as soon as I do. ... read more

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Originally posted by Stephen Anderson on 22-Jun-14 01:32:00 AM UTC

pathfinder 70 parts

I would like to get together a list of parts suppliers for the Pathfinder 70. I am in the process of buying a SD 30. Runs fine now, but not forever. In Bellingham, WA. Thanks, Clive

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Originally posted by Clive Collins on 16-Jun-14 01:53:27 AM UTC

Marine Engine/Transmission to Drive Shaft Alignment.

With the age of the Sundowner Tug fleet and so many owner changes of boats as well as engine/transmission upgrades, I thought it essential to cover a topic not yet discussed in the Forum. Upon commissioning a new inboard engine boat, the boat should rest in the water a few days BEFORE alignment of the engine/transmission to its driveshaft at the flanges. Presumably, alignment was done at the original builder site; but transport from Taiwan to America and subsequent haulage/s may affect this critical interface. Any engine/transmission replacement or serious prop strike encounter also requires new, precise shaft check/alignment per the above in-water rest period.

Think of the engine/transmission shaft flange as usually a four bolt arrangement on the flange with the alignment to the following drive shaft flange needing to have equal, but very slight flange spacing measured in thousands of an inch with calibrated feeler gauges.

Your engine/transmission combination should have (usually) four engine-mount alignment bolts with split-lock washers on the engine beds for our size/weight engine/transmission combinations. That is where your alignment adjustments will take place.

Measure with feeler gauges at the four cardinal points of the shaft flanges their clearance. It should be as equal as possible at the cardinal points (N,E,S,W) at just a few thousands of an inch. If unequal large clearances are measured at these points, the engine/transmission mounts must be adjusted to bring the flanges alignments into as close as possible equal, but slight spacings.

How much clearance is too much? If any of the cardinal measurement clearances around the flanges' circle is six thousands of an inch or greater, you need to decrease the clearance as measured at those points as equal as possible. You will know if your shaft flanges are not properly aligned (out by six-thousands or more at any cardinal point) by the intense howl noise of the misalignment with engine in gear, shaft turning, heard from in/or out the engine room.

If you do not feel up to this task yourself, which takes some time and effort, a good marine mechanic would be familiar with the required job. It is a back and forth process between motor mount slight adjustments to measurements at the shaft flange clearances with some logical thought involved to achieve the required shaft alignment.

... read more

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Originally posted by Doug Robertson on 16-Jun-14 08:57:18 PM UTC

POSSIBLE new owner

I'm in the negotiation process to get my first tug. Moving from the sailing community to your side.

Simple questions, I've read through the forum

Is the Pathfinder 64hp as dependable a motor as the owner claims (even if it hasn't been started in 2 years)? What can I expect in terms of GPH? Fuel tank issues were noted in last survey - rusting. How big of a pain is this going to be to correct?

The boat I'm looking at is a 1983, built in Seattle area. Currently second owner.

thanks everyone

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Originally posted by Allen Messick on 06-Jun-14 04:46:08 AM UTC

Sundowner 20 VW engine

I'm considering a SD 30, but am concerned about the VW engine aboard. Why do I see most SD30 owners have converted to other makes ? I know about the Timing Chain issue, are there other CONS I should be aware of ?



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Originally posted by R Ahseln on 07-May-14 12:33:35 AM UTC

fuel polishing panel

If anyone is interested I built a fuel polishing panel that I am going to mount in the aft compartment underneath the deck. This way a stiff old man like me can get to it if the filters need changing or whatever. That engine compartment is too small for my old 6'4" stiff body. I will try to attach some pictures of the front and back of the panel as well as a picture of the drawing I made of the flow chart of the panel. I made it so either or both fuel filters could be bypassed, fuel could be returned to either tank regardless of which tank it was taken from, and overflow line eliminates any mistakes in too much fuel returned to one tank or added to one tank.

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Originally posted by Stephen Anderson on 16-Apr-14 03:56:47 PM UTC

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