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Has anybody ever done this technique with a Sundowner Tug to paint the bottom without taking it out of the water? The boat is in Whittier, AK, where it's very expensive to have it hauled out to paint. Any suggestions or advice appreciated if you've used this - did you brace it, let it sit on one side at a time?

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Originally posted by Brian Manley on 18-Feb-15 04:33:34 AM UTC

Depth sounder "in hull" installation


My present depth sounder a Datamarine LX 200 ( original ) wants / needs some rest. It is reading are all over the place, for sure not the water depth. As I'm not planning to haul for now, I'm thinking about an "in hull" instead of a through hull transducer installation.

Question now is where?

Anybody done so with good results and where in the hull?

I have a Sundowner Tug 30 serial number 115

Looking forward to your advice suggestion and or comments.

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Originally posted by Adrian Vuyk on 15-Feb-15 04:35:20 PM UTC

Window Sealing

Does anybody have information on sealing/re-bedding the cabin windows? I have used several of the so called urethane sealers to stop water leaks but I want to eventually remove all the windows and re-seal them.

3M 590 is recommended for glass installation for marine, auto, etc. Has anyone used this?


Tim Sutter

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Originally posted by Tim Sutter on 09-Feb-15 02:38:01 AM UTC

Emerald Lady for sale

My Tug a 30ft Sundowner is for sale, I have owned it since 1982 as the only owner. It is at Banana Belt Boats in Anacortes Wa. I have bought another boat, otherwise I would never sell Emerald Lady as it has been a wonderful boat.

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Originally posted by Bob Railton on 14-Jan-15 02:16:12 PM UTC

Boat Insurance

My insurance carrier BOAT/US refuses to increase the valuation of my 1985 Sundowner 30 from what I bought it for in 1991. I am currently having the entire boat Awlgriped for big bucks. It should end up being worth upwards of $70,000. Boat/US uses the Buc book for used boat values which states that my boat's value is around $36,000. Has anyone else run into this problem?

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Originally posted by Suzanne Sylvester on 20-Dec-14 07:31:33 PM UTC

Happy New Year

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Originally posted by Adrian Vuyk on 13-Jan-15 01:16:46 AM UTC

Propeller for 30' Sundowner Tug

I have a 30' Sundowner Tug with a 100hp Yanmar diesel engine (4JH4TX1) at 3200rpm. She has a 2.04 gear reduction.

I am looking for someone who has had experience with a similar tug, rpm and hp and what they are using for a propeller size.


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Originally posted by Paul Lindgren on 15-Dec-14 07:26:17 PM UTC

Leveling oil in sundowner 36


Just joined the Sundowner Forum to assist a new owner with understanding her Sundowner 36, Bounty Hunter, mentioned in one of the previous threads. BH is now in Brentwood Bay, BC and I have been working through some of the basics of owning a trawler with the new owner.

One of the first items was checking the oil on the Lehman 120hp. It is reading a bit high on the dipstick and I know there can be an issue with overfilling Lehmans (I have a 135). I also know that the engine is not level so will not necessarily read on the factory dipstick marks (see attached photo; I assume factory spec is between the two small notches on the dipstick - left side of photo). So I was hoping there might be someone with the identical set up that might have some advice.

The alternative is to drain out all the oil, then add the exact amount of oil in the manual spec and see where the level is. A bit messy so was trying to avoid that . . .

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Originally posted by John Haprer on 17-Nov-14 03:29:53 AM UTC

back deck mimini

would like to build a bimini cover over the back slider.... full deck or just the hatch?

so me pictures of what you have done and give me suggestions and ideas

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Originally posted by Allen Messick on 04-Nov-14 10:10:49 PM UTC

Cushion material for your Sundowner seats and berths.

The fleet is getting along in years and the original supplied foam seating/berths cushions from Taiwan builders has probably been replaced by many of you. For those in need of more support and comfort I have finally run across my old reference to what I replaced in the 1988-built Seeker about May of 2001 for all seating except the forward berths where it was unneeded.

I wanted more support with new covers so a local marine canvas specialist knew exactly what would work. It is called HR Foam and I chose 6" thick foam rated at 2.5 lbs/square foot density per his recommendation. This gives solid support and comfort. The new covers' material was BURCH FAIRFIELD BUFF #66 266346, a tan that complemented the teak interior very well and has the side benefit of closely resembling Ultrasuede without the cost. Button tucks were taken in it in the saloon to relieve flat expanses. A back slope was used in the PH, 6" to 4" for comfort. Sewing was with a durable synthetic, not like the original cotton in Ho Hsing's builds.

Sun and its heat are big factors in upholstery deterioration in a boat. There just aren't any covered slips in SoCal marinas. I also at the same time had custom white 90% plasticized inside screens with corner snaps made for each window, with the forward PH windows and their two side-forward windows made as a single screen. The paper templates made by the installer were perfect and the screens fit perfectly each window. As shipwrights follow bulkheads, no two side windows were quite exactly the same so the installer sewed a small piece of suede leather in an upper inside corner which I marked with black magic marker as LPHD, for example, for the Left Pilot House Door window, etc. Only the PH doors' glass required outside screens rather than inside screens, and high winds were never a screen retention issue. These 90% screens allowed at the dock outside visibility during the day and privacy at night. They also lowered the inside PH temperature by a measured 10-15 degrees f., remarkably increasing dockside comfort.

I had at commissioning installed adjustable retained venetian blinds in the saloon side windows, so these needed no screens..

I never understood the guys who use black 70% window screens on their power boats in SoCal waters. They just soak up the sun's heat and are a bird attractant to sloped windscreens. Boat covers of dark blue or black also heat a boat unmercifully and are to be avoided. Big footed sea birds aren't dumb, and roost on dark colors heated by the sun, and you know what that produces.

Doug Robertson ex SD32/162 SEEKER

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Originally posted by Doug Robertson on 17-Oct-14 08:39:17 PM UTC

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