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Ian Fagg
Cornwall, England
Ian is a third generation sailor from Cornwall, England. He crossed the English Channel at the age of 3 with his parents and made his first Atlantic crossing at 18. He graduated from Solent University in Southampton with a Bachelor of Engineering in Yacht Design and subsequently obtained his R.Y.A. Commercial Yacht Master License, Ocean Rating.

Ian has sailed extensively in the U.S. East Coast, Caribbean Sea, Eastern and Western Mediterranean, and the Costa del Sol. Ian is and avid wind surfer and kite boarder and prefers cruising over racing.

Qualifications & Licenses:
  • R.Y.A. Commercial Yacht Master Ocean
  • R.Y.A. Power Boat Level-2
  • S.T.C.W. 95
  • R.Y.A. First Aid Certificate
  • P.A.D.I. Certified Open Water Dive Instructor
  • B. Eng. Yacht Design
  • B.A. (Honors) Architectural Technology

Special Skills & Interests:
  • Diesel engine maintenance and re-powering
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Marine electronics, wiring and communication
  • Woodwork and varnishing
  • Exterior hull maintenance and repair
  • Marine plumbing
  • Leatherwork, decorative knots and braiding
  • Wind Surfing, Kite Boarding, SCUBA

11 Years; 7 as Captain, 3 as First Mate, 1 as Crew
  • Captain, Swan-82 (Inukshuk)
  • Captain, Swan-62 (Extraordinary)
  • Captain, Swan-59 (Candela)
  • Captain, J-160 (Medallion)
  • Charter Captain, Sunsail
  • First Mate, Swan-651 (Gunpowder)
  • First Mate, Jongert-65 (Augustine)
  • Crew, Phoenix-77 (Ocean Phoenix)


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