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Joe Palmiotti
I have a Ranger 26 that was built in 1974. The decks and cabin are in need of a painting. I would like to take time tihis spring to start this project. I have looked at Pettit 1 part epoxy so that I can stop and start as time and weather allows with out issues of mixing 2 part numerous times. I have read that roll and tip can produce excellent results. There looks like many parts of my deck will not allow rolling so I guess that will be all brush work. Has any one used this type of paint and what were the results.


Hi Joe,

It sounds like you are referring to "Easypoxy," which I have used with great results for years. I have rolled and tipped the topsides of a 90+' boat several times, brushed small bits of hardware and everything in between. I personally love the stuff and find it very easy to work with, if you are working within the temperature perimeters and have prepped the area properly, it flows nicely without any thinners. You may need some brushing thinners depending on the environment, but use as little as possible, the less you put in the longer the paint will last.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any more questions on the matter.


Captain Craig Bliss


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