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Joe Palmiotti

My jib sheets are chafing the fiberglass between the fairlead block and the winch on my Ranger 26. I recently saw a metal style tape in a catalog, or on line that was designed to eliminate this problem, but I cannot remember the name of the product or where it was offered. I would appreciate any information you can provide.

Thanks, Joe


Hi Joe,

There are a lot of metal (foil) tapes but the ones I'm familiar with are made by 3M. I know what you are talking about with the jib chafe and the foil tape is a good solution. It will protect the fiberglass and the tape is UV resistant and waterproof. 3M makes three different products (different thickness/different adhesives) and I've included a link below to the data sheets for each of the products.

1. 3M Product #1449 is my choice because it is the thinnest of the foil tapes at 1.4 mil and that makes it easy to shape. It has a strong adhesive and a long service life, plus it is waterproof and UV and mold resistant. Click HERE for 3M foil tape website then click 3311.

2. 3M Product #3326 has the strongest adhesive and is the thickest of the three products at 2.3 mil, but it will withstand a lot of abuse. So, if you chafe problem is really bad, this is your product. Click on the link above and then on 3326 for the product sheet.

3. 3M Product #3311 is in between in thickness at 2 mil and it has a strong adhesive, but can still be removed. It has the added advantage of a paper liner which makes it each to cut and shape if that's important.

In addition to 3M Intertape makes a line of Aluminum foil tapes that are rated for marine use. I have no experience with these tapes, but they are marine rated, so I'm sure they will do the trick as well. Click HERE for the Intertape website.

Hope this helps.

Good luck,

Captain Mike Clayton


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