08-Sep-08 03:23:27 AM UTC
Bob White

United States, California

We find that a solution made from diluted regular white vinegar works great on all interior wood surfaces. Add water in equal parts to the vinegar, i.e. 50/50. Spray it on with a fine spray bottle and wipe with a soft cloth. It not only cuts grime, but leaves behind a fresh clean smell and a nice shine. It\'s great! We we especially like to use this on the gloss varnished cabin sole - - it\'s amazing and we haven\'t found anything that works better. Randy White - San Diego
Randy White
08-Sep-08 08:36:18 PM UTC
Ian Fagg

United Kingdom, Cornwall

I use water and vinegar on the outside of the boat all the time. After I have rinsed off the salt with water I then use vinegar in a bucket about 10% vinegar to 90% water to keep the chamois working well. The boat looks great after, and it also helps remove the spot marks left behing from hard water. I also use vinegar and water on the hull to remove the salt, we have a dark blue hull so it is tough to maintain. Again I make up the 10/90 solution and then wet the hull with the solution using a sponge. Then I chamois it off, call me a little anal if you like!!
Ian G. Fagg
Capt. SV Extarordinary