14-Aug-09 09:42:13 AM UTC
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On March 13 I had the pleasure of attending a VIP reception for BMW ORACLE Racing. Larry Ellison introduced the team including three time America's Cup winner Russel Coutts and team spokesman Tom Ehman. In addition he made three key announcements.

He announced that BOR 90, the trimaran we have seen regularly on San Diego bay would indeed be the boat the raced in the 33rd America's Cup. He announced the Jimmy Spithill would be the helmsman for the challenge. He announced that the team would remain in San Diego through November to retrofit the boat with an engine and hydraulics to match Alinghi. This ends a 158 year history of man power.

Regarding the use of hydraulics Ellison said they currently have eight grinders with an average weight of 250 pounds. He said that all eight grinders would be replaced with the engine and push buttons and that the net effect was a reduction in weight and more speed.

Speaking of speed, OH MY GOD, this BEAST is fast. We sailed out on the schooner America to watch her strut her stuff. The wind was steady at 17 knots and Jimmy brought the boat by us within 50 feet at over 35 knots. And the sound of all that carbon fiber over the water is like a low animal growl and it is loud. Here she is blasting past us.

BOR 90

The crew calls this thing the BEAST, a name well earned. What I would like to know is what does everybody think about the use of hydraulics for this NEW Americas Cup. Does it represent progress, or does it demolish 158 years of sailing history.

Randy White

Randy White
08-Oct-09 01:32:32 AM UTC
Jill Powell

United States, California

I thik it demolishes 158 years of boat racing history. Am very sorry to see this happening to The America's Cup. It was bad enough when catamaran's were introduced!

Jill Powell, AP
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"The Mariner's Needle"
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09-Nov-09 06:50:41 AM UTC
Tom Belk

United States

Don't know about anyone else, but I'm fed up with all the bickering in court. Personally I think Bertarelli is bad news for the sport, from what I can tell he's tried to rig the contest to his own advantage and at least Ellison isn't letting him get away with it. But the race in February 2010 (if it ever happens) will be a far cry from what the America's Cup is/was all about. I vote we go back to the monohull AC boats and have a true America's Cup - - but it looks like Louis Vuitton realized that and created the Louis Vuitton Trophy Cup Series of match races in monohull AC boats. I bet this will eventually catch on and be the real America's Cup sans trophy.

Tom Belk

Tom Belk
Delivery Skipper
12-Jan-10 11:00:26 AM UTC
Brian P. Jones

United States

No they should not have hydraulics on board - or be replacing sails with wings. These are not aircraft!

I agree that the tradition is gone in the AC class and the legal battles are pretty ridiculous. I too look forward to the Louis Vuitton and the new innovations that us small boat racers can relate to.

The AC boats being raced are pretty wild and it is interesting to follow their catastrophies as they push designs beyond their limits. Looks like the battle is on for Valencia next month - Has anyone heard of any TV coverage? It would be interesting to watch them break apart or have some fantastic crashes. Here is an recent article that says a lot." target="_self">

12-Dec-16 07:31:58 AM UTC
Louise Brooks

United States

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