09-Sep-08 10:01:07 PM UTC
Ian Fagg

United Kingdom, Cornwall

I just spent most of today polishing gelcoat. For the first time I was using a 3M product \"Imperial Compound & Finishing Material\". I was amazed with the result. I actually had to remove a little overspray from some painting work I was doing earlier in the week, this compound took it right off easily. The differance between this and other products is that it compounds the surface but then turns into a wax all in one, leaving a really deep shine. I would keep it away from painted surfaces, but for gelcoat it is like magic. I actually saw a pro in Camden using it to restore some VERY faded blue gelcoat on a Tyana 58 and the result was amazing. A must have.
Ian G. Fagg
Capt. SV Extarordinary