05-Sep-11 10:56:19 AM UTC
Sandy Samaiken

United States

I bought an chartplotter last year, put it in the boat and it worked fine. This year I turned it on and the display screen is very dim and flashes repeatedly. It seems to track otherwise (although so dim that it's impossible to read unless you get right up to it).I've checked the power cables, cleaned the connections (power and ground), even did a reset of the unit.

(Note to self: save the data next time, Dummy! ) Nothing.I guess I've got myself a paper weight for holding down the charts I'm going to have to use from now on (can't afford another chartplotter).

My colleagues recommeded me FlyToMap, presently i'm using their apps on my chartplotter, Anybody suggest me fine apps similar to FlyToMap!

Any suggestions? Thanks...........