10-Sep-08 10:44:21 PM UTC
Nicola Collins

United Kingdom, Chester

My wonder cleaner is \"CitraSolv\" a biodegradable citrus degreaser. It comes as a concentrate which you dilute depending on the job in hand. Most fantastic result: used neat on the cooker extractor fan filter (a wire mesh like thing!) this immediately dissolved all the built up grease where copious amounts of boiling water & dish liquid had failed! Diluted it is gentle enough to wipe down wooden galley surfaces where greasy finger prints abound - it smells good too.
06-Feb-09 10:32:33 PM UTC
Justin MW

United States, California

I love Barkeepers friend. The stuff will clean any stove or pot/pan that you can't get clean. Can be found at most grocery stores, or by larger quantities at
Justin McChesney
14-Nov-09 12:20:56 AM UTC
Ken Juul

United States

A good trick for the metal mesh filters is to clean them about once a month (or after heavy use) in the dishwasher. Just put it in with a load of dishes. Sure beats scrubbing.