07-Nov-08 03:25:51 AM UTC
Bob White

United States, California

Marine Diesel Engines, Maintenance and Repair - - by Jean-Luc Pallas, Sheridan House Publishing $29.95 Outboard Motors Maintenance and Repair Manual - - by Jean-Luc Pallas, Sheridan House Publishing $23.50 A number of technical books are available on outboard motor or diesel engine maintenance, but the two listed above come out on top for several reasons. In addition to providing clear descriptions, these easy-to-read books contain step-by-step photographs and graphics that make maintenance and repairs understandable. In the Marine Diesel Engines book the author also describes sail-drive operation, which makes this the only book I know of with such detailed information about the sail-drive propulsion system. The author also breaks down maintenance and repair projects so boat owners will know whether to attempt the repair or call a mechanic. As with a good novel, I couldn't put them down and now I'm ready to tackle some work on my small dingy outboard. - Randy White
Randy White