07-Mar-09 11:42:44 AM UTC
Bob White

United States, California

Second only to the caught in a vortex story is the one about the bare boat charter group who after three days call the charter base to request more anchors. The charter base says the boat went out with three anchors aboard. The charter group reports that they have already been to three anchorages and now need more anchors. I've actually heard this story told as a true story. Again funny, but to my knowledge never happened.
Randy White
19-Feb-10 01:49:12 AM UTC
Arthur Garside

United States, MI

Unfortunately we only had one wheel when we bareboat chartered out of Tortola many years ago with 11 other seasoned sailors. While sitting at the bar having some rum drinks and beers, the wind came up and the the wheel slid off the bimini into 70 foot of water. It costs their pride (plus $80 to hire a diver) and gave the two power boaters a good laugh and a story to tell long after the trip ended.....