29-Jan-10 04:11:18 AM UTC
Deleted user

We are very new to boat maintenance and would like some good advice.

1. What is the "best" paint to use, I think we will have the boat predominantly in salt water. I am aware that this is a very broad subject and I would love fellow boaters explain why they think certain paints would work better over others, rather than just tell me what paint they used as I would not like to turn this in to some advertising for any particular brand(s).

2. What is the "ideal time" to paint a hull, in summer, autumn, spring, fall?

3. How long after you paint a hull, should you put the boat in the water? Is it better to paint and wait a day or two and let it "cure" in the water, or is it better to paint it and let the paint dry really good whilst the boat is on the hard?

4. What about masts and booms, they are all aluminium, what is the "best" stuff to use there?

I am looking forward to learning from all you experienced boaters and DIY'er's. I would also like to thank you all for taking time to reply and help me out.


John & Denise

Since we are a couple, gender wise there is one of each