04-Feb-10 01:12:22 AM UTC
John Lewis Hall

United States, Maryland

Heading up to the West Point NY area this summer (July) and looking for a good place to stay for a couple of days. The boats we're traveling with are in the 30-50 range.



04-Feb-10 07:57:09 PM UTC
Inactive User

I'm at the USPS National meeting in Orlando and I think I know who can help answer your question. I will ask them when I see them.


Justin McChesney
San Luis Rey Sail & Power Squadron | D/28
04-Feb-10 10:54:42 PM UTC
John Lewis Hall

United States, Maryland

Thanks. Be sure to say hi to any Dundalk Sail and Power Squadron people you see down there! D5 Admin Bernie Karpers is one of the people going on the trip with me.

08-Feb-10 08:06:59 AM UTC
Guy Anastasio

United States, New York

Hi John,

Nina and I haven't been up that way in over 10 years, but some of the other Squadrons in D/3 have taken that trip. We will ask around. Also try the Port Captains in D/2 it's more their territory than mine. There are several Captains listed for the Hudson river


10-Feb-10 07:28:24 PM UTC
Van Allen Rice

United States, New York

Hi John,

I came across a website last year that I have been using for my cruise planning.

Visit You have to join (no charge) and then you can search

dozens of marinas, anchorages, etc. along your route by using the chart or map

overlay. I think it's great. Good luck, have a great time.


14-May-11 03:31:34 AM UTC
Jim Long

United States, CT

Hi John - We took a nice trip on the Hudson in 2007. Probably the best place to stop that is close to West Point is Haverstraw Marina. We tried to stop only at places that were protected from the wakes of boat traffic. This limits where you can stop. Newburgh is just up river from West Point, but it is unprotected.
Take a look at our trip report at . Be sure to cruise past West Point through the mountains. Very impressive. If you can work it in, go up to Kingston for a neat experience. Lots to do right on the water. We were amazed by the rail traffic on the Husdon shores (freight on the west side, passenger on the east).


Jim Long
Meriden Squadron