05-Mar-10 08:45:55 PM UTC
John Lewis Hall

United States, Maryland

The MD Legislature is considering making the entire Chesapeake Bay a No Discharge Zone. This would mean any MSD that treats waste such as a lectrosan would be illegal to use. The fine would be $10,000 per occurrence. This would also apply to any untreated waste that is accidentally discharged. Depending on how it is interpreted this fine may also apply if the inspecting officer feels that your overboard discharge is not adequately secured. So if they find your Y-valve unsecured, even if correctly closed, it may cost you $10,000.

There is more information here.

This bill if passed will go into effect June 1st of THIS year. I'm sure the state is expecting to make a nice bit of change from uninformed boaters who get caught by this new law. This is nothing but a feel good measure. Boaters will be fined $10,000 per gallon for EPA compliant sewage while various municipalities around the bay dump millions of gallons of UNTREATED sewage into the bay.

There are hearings scheduled for March 16th & 19th in Annapolis.