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Sundowner 30 Pillow block bearing midway on prop shaft?
07-Nov-10 10:27:10 PM UTC
Bob Railton

United States, Washington

Hi, I have replaced the pillow block bearing 2x since 1982, the last time this summer when I replaced the cutless bearings and the shaft. My shaft is 1.5 inches, and has lasted since 82 when I bought the Sundowner new.

Just fyi, Bob, Emerald Lady, La Conner WA

06-Nov-10 11:42:33 PM UTC
Jay L. Butler

United States, Washington


This may be a repeat from a few minutes short, I think all Sundowners had the mid bearing, at least on the 30s I'm aware of. Bottom line, with a 2" shaft, you don't need any bearing for the 8' of unsupported shaft from the engine coupling to inner cuttless bearing in the shaft tube. I have a new 1-1/2" shaft and the shop who machined the length and threading said it was good for 8-10' unsupported, so I had the whole bearing assembly removed. No more grease in the area either.

Lonnie Butler MV Northstar

06-Nov-10 10:27:12 PM UTC
Robert Bale

United States, Washington

I suspect your reply is visible, but I am still learning about this site and may not have done it correctly to make it public. I am hoping that the pillow block support is not something unique to the boat we are looking to buy. Thanks, Bob

06-Nov-10 10:00:05 PM UTC
Michael Mccoy

United States

I didn't realize I was replying to your PM post. If you make my reply visable to all you'll get much more feedback...especailly if I'm wrong. That really get's people goingSealed

06-Nov-10 10:24:21 AM UTC
Robert Bale

United States, Washington

Hi everyone, I also made a group broadcast of this message and apologize if you receive it twice. My wife and I are close to becoming Sundowner 30 owners, and have a question that hopefully someone here can answer. We are at the point in the purchase process where we have completed the survey and mechanical inspection. During the mechanical inspection, we noticed a pillow block bearing assembly located about midway on the propeller shaft (just aft of the galley cabinets under a small floor plate). The pillow block bearing is pretty rusty looking (may need replacement) and the housing bolted rather loosely on its pad. It appears to be factory installed, but I cannot be sure. The shaft on this particular boat is 2" stainless. My question is: do other/all Sundowner 30's (or larger) have this pillow block bearing midway on the prop shaft? Thanks ahead of time for your replies. Bob