Knowledge - Safety - Information - Community was conceived by experienced boaters to appeal specifically to the needs of boaters and promises to be "The Ultimate Boating Community". After much research we discovered that the few websites devoted to boating were poorly conceived, poorly executed and did not meet our expectations. took a "clean sheet of paper" approach. The result is a professionally executed web site that includes unique features for boaters that currently do not exist on any boating related web site.


The "Destinations" component is one of our most unique features. We believe it will be the boater's place to go when planning a trip. Content is produced by the website users; both the general public and professional boat crew can review and rate ports of call in the same way that rates hotels

  • In addition to the reviews there is a comprehensive database that rates everything from car rentals, beaches, restaurants, grocery stores, marine services, fuel docks, marinas, anchorages, customs etc. and pinpoints their location on the local Google Earth map.

  • For the "charter" industry we expect this will be a must-use site. The experience history and general reviews from people who have visited the port will be invaluable for people considering the destination as part of a cruise or charter. People unfamiliar with a destination will have a ready resource for determining where they want to eat, drink, sightsee, swim, SCUBA, golf, shop, etc., with the recommendations and reviews having been generated by real people who have been there before them. Want to know where to buy that Cartier watch you's ve always wanted - - will tell you where you can find it at the best price.

  • For professional crew the destination tab ranks marines service, chandleries, fuel docks, anchorages, marinas, mooring fields, etc. with the reviews and content being generated by people before them. Additionally, customs forms for many ports of call are available and can be filled in and printed in advance to speed clearance. In essence, the website becomes a local resources guide with detail information far greater than that found in the existing Superyacht Services Guide. On charter and need to replace a Joker valve on a head - - will tell you if the part you need is available at your current location, or the next.

  • For Sport Fishing enthusiasts, the reviews of services available such as bait and tackle, boats for hire, permits required, fishing guides and type of fishing available will be an invaluable resource.