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SailAngle Webinars are here to help you learn tips and tricks for using Register for upcoming sessions and watch previously recorded Webinars below.


Recorded Webinars

Watch previously recorded SailAngle instructional Webinars below. If you happened to miss one of the "live" SailAngle Webinars, or just want to go back and review the information, click on any of the Webinars below. If you need further help, we have over sixty 1-2 minute video tutorials here as well. For specific issue contact Randy White at


USPS District 22 SailAngle Webinar April, 19 2013

Watch the introductory training Webinar for USPS Webinar by clicking play below.



SailAngle 101

Watch the novice level SailAngle webinar below by clicking play.



SailAngle Tips and Tricks

Watch the intermediate level SailAngle Webinar by clicking play below.



Advanced Messaging Techniques

Watch the advanced level SailAngle Webinar by clicking play below.