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Our Privacy Policy was designed and developed to inform you about how we collect, use and safeguard personal information you chose to provide to us, and to assure you that we will use the best practices to maintain the confidentiality of your private and personal information.

When you visit you may provide two types of information:
1. Personal and private information that you knowingly provide in connection with registration as a member of; processing your orders and requests; placing classified ads; and purchasing advertising on our site; and/or
2. Anonymous information about your usage of this website from cookies and by the use of pixel tags. We may use this information in combination with your personal and private information to process your orders and requests and to provide a more personalized web-surfing experience.

We use the information provided by our customers (by “customers” we mean visitors to our site, members, subscribers, advertisers, and persons who place classified ads on our site) to process your requests and orders, and to enrich your web-surfing experience. We do not provide personal and private information to any third parties except and only when required for completion of an order. We do not sell, rent, lease, or otherwise convey any part of the database to any third-party.

It is possible that could merge with, or be acquired by another business. If that happens, we may share, or transfer the information that relates to you, to the acquiring business. In such an event, you will be notified in advance.

A cookie is a short piece of data sent from the SailAngle web server to the web browser on your computer when you visit the site. Pixel tags are used to read cookies. Cookies allow us to recognize you the next time you visit our site and will help us save you time loging onto the site and when you place an order on Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can set your browser options so that you will not receive cookies and you can also delete cookies from your browser. However, you may find that some parts of our site will not function properly if you refuse cookies.

Required personal and private information:

If you choose to view/use certain sections of our site, you will be required to provide limited personal information. For example, during the registration process to become a member of, you will be required to provide the following information:
1. Your name. (You can choose to suppress your name from public view.)
2. Your username. (This is how you will be known on the site.)
3. Your email address. (Required for us to correspond with you)
4. Your password. (To protect your privacy)
5. Your boating interest. (To direct appropriate content and features to you)

Personal and private information for United States Power Squadron members:

The United States Power Squadrons (USPS) require and “opt in” by its members and by clicking on the “Access” button on the USPS website your are signifying your opt in. Clicking on “Access” will automatically convey to the following information:
1. Your name
2. Your USPS Certificate Number (this is your Username on
3. Your email address (required to correspond with you)
4. Your USPS PIN number (this is your Password on
5. Your USPS District, Squadron, Departments, Committees and your Rank (required to place you into your proper USPS Groups)

Applicable to ALL members of
Your actual email address is never displayed at any time on

Instead only your name is displayed on all correspondence and postings you may make on the website. This is to protect your privacy. You can also personally control the notifications you receive by selectively turning on/off each type of notification on For example, for complete privacy simply turn off all notifications.

Voluntary personal and private information:

As part of establishing your “User Profile” you may voluntarily choose to enter additional personal and private information such as: your boating interests, your boat and other boats you’ve been on, places you’ve visited, your photographs, your home port, your hobbies, your address, your telephone number, your Skype address, and other similar information.

If you choose to correspond with us through email, or by leaving comments on the Customer Feedback or Suggestion Box locations, we may retain the content of your messages together with your email address and our responses. However, we will provide the same protections for these electronic communications that we use to maintain the confidentiality of your personal and private information.

If you choose to participate in certain “Public” (by “Public” we mean that the postings and other electronic correspondence are viewable by all members of, and in some cases the general public) sections of the site including, but not limited to, Groups, Blogs, Forums, Chat Rooms, Ask-A-Pro, Destinations, and Gourmet Galley, you are hereby given notice that we will retain these electronic communications and they will be available for unrestricted public viewing and may be retained in the site’s public archives.

Use of Website Information: uses cookies and web analytic tools to collect anonymous information about your use of our website. Typical information collected includes: date and time of your visit, time spent at our website, specific pages visited, websites visited just before and just after visiting our website. This information is collected on an aggregate basis and none of the information is associated with you as an individual.

We use this information to enhance your web-surfing experience such as: simplifying navigation for the most popular pages; listening to our customer’s suggestions and making changes accordingly; by altering content based on popular demand; for policing unsuitable content; and for the general purpose of administering the website. We also collect important technical statistics that allow us to evaluate our visitor capacity at peak periods of use, and we count the total visits per content page. None of this information captures your individual identity, or any of your personal information. We use this information only to help us manage the web site for a fast, reliable and responsive web-surfing experience.


You will notice advertising from various third party companies on our website. Advertising is one of the ways we underwrite the cost of providing our website to you free. Please note that clicking on links and banner advertisements may result in your re-direction to another website where the privacy policies may be different from We read the privacy policies of all advertisers prior to accepting their ads and try to ensure that they adhere to the highest standards of privacy. However, we cannot make any representations about the veracity of the practices and policies of these companies. You are hereby notified that is not responsible for, and has no control over, any information submitted to, or collected by these third party advertisers (see Terms and Conditions of Use).

In addition, we use web analytic tools to compile information over time about which advertisements you saw and clicked on. We use this information to make predictions about your interests or preferences and we may display targeted advertisements that we believe may be of interest to you. For example, we may display advertisements according to certain general interest categories (sail, power, sport fishing, recreational). However, targeted advertising does not rely on private and personal information, only on the general trends identified by the web analytic tools.


On rare occasions we my send you email notification about important changes to our website, or surveys to help us improve the website. As a member, you can choose to Opt Out of receiving these notifications. Under no circumstances will allow non-affiliated third parties to use the member database to send newsletters, surveys, offers or other kinds of information not directly applicable to the business of

How do we Safeguard Your Information:

1. We use advanced encryption software to safeguard confidential information from unauthorized access.
2. Periodically, our security practices are reviewed and evaluated by outside consultants to ensure the highest level of protection.
3. We limit SailAngle employee access to confidential information to only senior management and our Corporate Policies and Procedures limit the use and disclosure of such information.
4. We will not sell, lease or rent our members email list to any third party.
5. We will only disclose confidential information when legally compelled under a subpoena of competent jurisdiction, or under the United States FISA rules as modified.
6. You can request access to all your personally identifiable information that we collect and maintain in our database by emailing and referencing “Privacy” in the subject line. Before allowing access to this information we will take additional steps to ensure that you are the legitimate entity and are entitled to receive the information.
7. If you notify us of your desire to terminate your membership with, we will electronically purge all your personal and confidential information maintained in our database.

Periodic Revision:

This Privacy Policy may be changed or updated by at any time. The revised policy will be posted to the Privacy Policy page so that you are always aware of how we collect information, how we use that information, and how we maintain the confidentiality of the information.